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Presentation of Skallevold

Old history

The oldest town in Norway is Tønsberg (derivative from farm courtyard on a mountain). It was founded in 871, and in the earliest entries in the parish records the place Skallevold (6 km from the city centre) was called Skallavellir in the year of 1399. The word reads "dry, stony rise near a grassy meadow".

Recent history

Skallevold Trevarefabrikk AS "Woodworking Factory" was established in 1967 by the brothers and cabinet makers Kjell Olaf and Egil Davidsen. The company has always focused on the project market, and its special strength was the design and production of special products that meet the expectations and standards laid down by the architect, owner and construction company. The woodworking factory has now ceased to exist.

In 1989 Skallevold Trevaresalg AS "Sales Company" was established to strengthen and develop the company's sales activities. This maintains its edge in the market as an important co-operating partner for manufacturers, construction companies, master builders and architects through the supply of top quality doors, windows and special fittings.

Since 2003 Skallevold's target area has been standard production of wooden windows and doors, and production takes place in Poland through licensing. From autumn 2008 onwards production also takes place in Latvia.


The company's business idea is to be a centre of excellence where one can obtain the right product at the right price and with a guaranteed delivery date. This demands a high degree of flexibility, the ability to improvise and a good insight into prices and delivery potential. Skallevold is well known for our high quality in both craftsmanship and management.


Skallevold's objective is to develop close co-operations with a selected number of manufacturers and suppliers and to contribute to the marketing of their products.

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